Sheel Plus Vanaspati

Sheel Plus Vanaspati is especially designed for Premium Cookies and Biscuits. It gives a softer end product with excellent melt in mouth characteristics. It is Palm based Vegetable Vanaspati.

Advantages of Sheel Plus Vanaspati:

  • Better temperature stability and good melt profile
  • Bland in taste
  • Can be stored at ambient temperature
  • Lighter in color

Sheel Plus Vanaspati imparts following attributes to Premium Cookies:

  • Gives lighter and crispier cookies
  • Ideal for premium cookies
  • Softer consistency ensures excellent melt properties and mouthfeel
  • Added emulsifier enhances the impact of the added flavours and increases palatability
  • It ensures good melt in mouth characteristic
  • Contains permitted anti-oxidant hence imparts longer shelf-life to the end product

*Pack Size Available: 15 kg Carton

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