Oryfit Physically Refined Rice Bran Oil

ORYFIT has been derived from the word Oryzanol, a substance that possesses various health benefits that helps an individual to stay fit. It is extracted from India’s best Rice bran. It also has high smoke point that makes it ideal for deep frying, and absorbs less oil.

Oryfit has the following features:

  • It is 100% physically refined; No Chemicals are used for refining process.
  • Oryfit is Oryzanol enriched
  • It is fortified with Vitamins “A”, “D” and “E” that helps to fulfil daily nutrition required for human Body.

According to AHA & WHO rice bran oil is the most balanced and versatile oil in market.

  • It contains Oryzanol, which is natural anti-oxidant that reduces bad cholesterol and improves proportion of good cholesterol, keeps your heart healthy.
  • As the Rice Bran oil is physically extracted, it contains 5-6 times more Oryzanol giving it a deeper colour and keeping the health benefits intact.

*Available SKU’s 1 Litre Pouch, 5 Litre Jar & 15 Litre Jar

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