Principles and Business Code of Conduct

At Liberty, the only constant for us is change and enhancement on all fronts. This includes processes and technology up gradation, business transparency, ethical standards, honoring of commitments, concern towards public health, environment and other factors for the satisfaction of our customers in particular and the public in general.

  • People are our greatest corporate assets and we respect their individuality and aspirations throughout the period of mutual involvement.
  • We will involve with people of all types, whenever and wherever we live and work.
  • We will continuously find ways to reduce environmental impacts; and going GREEN will be our consistent focus in all our activities.
  • Our business methodologies shall include ethical practices and complete integrity; and we pledge to be fully accountable and responsible towards society.
  • We will ensure complete customer satisfaction by offering only the best quality products to our customers.
  • Our employees and those interacting with us in business aspects have an obligation to help us protect our assets.
  • We places internal controls and apply a systematic approach to curb any sort of irregularities, falsifications, frauds or negligence. We also have “Whistle Blower Policy” in order to eliminate any sort of wrong doings that may occur within the organization.
  • Our employees will deal in only those copyrights, patents, trade secrets, which are owned legally by Liberty. Our employees can access and make use of such rights as long as they are active employees or directly or indirectly engaged with Liberty.

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