Platina Premium Sharbati Atta

Sunday Platina Premium Sharbati Atta made from 100% Madhya Pradesh Sharbati wheat. Grains are cultivated in the fertile soil of Madhya Pradesh where the golden fields get proper Sunlight and the right amount of rain. Each grain has a golden sheen and is heavier in feel, it tastes sweeter than the normal wheat varieties and thus is considered of a much superior quality. This nutritious Atta absorbs more water resulting in soft & non-sticky dough. The soft chapattis are so tasty that it's a whole meal in itself.

Sunday Platina Premium Sharbati Atta has the following features:

  • The Quality excellent wheat grain processed under strict quality control norms.
  • Fortified with Iron, Folic Acid & Vitamins B12.
  • Contains Protein and dietary fiber to keep you fit through the day.
  • So soft and non-sticky that it makes the kneading process effortless.
  • Enjoy soft, warm chapatis that are so tasty that it’s a meal in itself.
  • * Available SKU’s 500 gm & 1 kg

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