Edible fats

In addition to Oils, Fats are also essential for the human body directly or indirectly. Mostly vegetable fats are used to make good and stable food preparations to provide structure, flavour and nutritional values. Liberty also manufactures and processes Vanaspati, Interesterified (IE) Vegetable Oils and Fats, Bakery Shortenings and Margarine products.

Hydrogenating edible vegetable oils individually or a blend of various oils to the required solid fat makes vanaspati. Vanaspati is widely used for making food items like biryani, sweets and fried or baked foods. Vanaspati gives very good shelf life. IE fat is specially processed as an alternate fat. It is low in trans-fat content. Low trans-fat products are healthier fats and can be used in place of hydrogenated fats.

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